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Equipment Asset Management

Is the term applied to maximising value, mitigating costs and risks associated with existing assets through effective management.

Managed Services

Managed services allows for revenue enhancement, predictive asset replacement and asset refresh programme.


The aim of a correctly implemented equipment asset management program is to deliver a business process and decision-making framework for the procurement of assets.

Asset Harmony

The ability to view, track and manage assets from one central location is fundamental to a successful Equipment Asset Management programme.

End of Life Solutions

Designed to maximise value, avoid costs and mitigate liabilities.

About Us

Specialists in Capital Equipment Assest Management
Leaders in capital equipment management, with over 20 years experience.

The ability to effectively manage operational assets is paramount to running a cost efficient organisation. Equipment asset management is both the new 'war on waste' together with the opportunity to increase business efficiency. When implemented correctly, equipment asset management will deliver financial and operational results that will positively affect a facility's bottom line, whilst enhancing reputation. The aim of a correct equipment asset management program is to deliver a business process and decision-making framework; including procuring, operating, maintaining and upgrading of physical assets in an efficiently and cost-effectively. Asset management programs allow operational and financial control over owned assets, meaning improved efficiencies. By having exact knowledge of asset locations, operational costs and operating efficiencies; hospitals can maximise equipment value whilst using historic data as part of any future capital-planning program.

  • Holistic approach

    From procurement to end of life

  • Cost saving

    focused on reducing whole life costs

  • Income generating

    Investment recovery from end of life assets

  • Asset Reuse

    maximising value from existing assets

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